Hazardous Location

Meltric DXN Hazardous Location plug and receptacle

Protection for Most Gas and Dust Environments

MELTRIC offers a wide range of Hazardous Location products that provide connection solutions for most installations in gaseous and dusty environments.  With Zone 1 & 2, Zone 21 & 22 and Class 1 and Class 2, Division 2 products available, they cover any environment other than those with an almost continuous presence of the hazard. 


Models are available with cCSAus certifications from 20A to 250A in 3 phase devices and up to 600A in single pole devices. ATEX and IECEx configurations are available from 20A to 125A in 3 phase devices and up to 680A in single pole. 

Some are compact and lightweight yet very durable poly devices, others are larger robust metal devices and all feature spring-loaded butt contacts and either silver-nickel or silver contact surfaces to provide consistently superior electrical performance and long operating lives.

The protection methods, ratings and certifications vary by product line. See the range summaries and features descriptions below or click here for a comparison table showing all the ranges. 

Hazardous location multipin products are covered separately in the Hazardous Location Multipin section.


Superior Electrical Performance

Spring-loaded silver-nickel butt style contacts and spring assisted terminals provide safe and reliable low resistance connections.  More…

Installation Flexibility

A variety of handles, mounting angles and wall boxes are available for all devices making it easy to configure the product for any application.  More…


Ease of Operation

Available draw mechanisms and push button disconnection make operation simple.  More…

auxiliary contacts

Power and Control in One Connection

Optional auxiliary contacts help users reduce cost and improve efficiency.  More…

HP Ratings Help Meet Code Requirements

With ratings up to 100 hp, it is easy to find an appropriate model to serve as a convenient line of sight disconnect for most motor applications. More…

Added Security of Pad-Lockable Connections

Eliminate concerns over unauthorized connections with available options and accessories. More…



  • cCSAus and ATEX/IECEx configurations
  • Class I: Zones 1 & 2, Division 2
    Class II: Zones 21 & 22, Division 2
  • 20A to 60A
  • .75 - 20 hp 
  • Current interrupting (AC)
  • IP66/IP67 environmental ratings
  • 25kA close and withstand short circuit ratings
  • Compact size, poly casing


  • cCSAus and ATEX configurations
  • Class I: Zones 1 & 2, Division 2
    Class II: Zones 21 & 22, Division 2
  • 20 A, 600 VAC
  • .75 - 7.5 hp
  • Current interrupting (AC)
  • 25kA close & withstand short circuit rating
  • IP66/IP67 environmental ratings
  • Metal casings

Zone 2

  • cCSAus Listed
  • Class I, Division 2 Groups ABCD, T6
    Class I, Zone 2 IIC
  • 20 to 250A, 600 VAC
  • 20 to 200A, 250 VDC
  • .75 – 100 hp (AC only)
  • Not for current interruption
  • Type 4X environmental ratings
  • Poly and metal casings


  • Class I, Zone 1 IIC
  • Class I, Division 2 Groups ABCD
  • Class II, Division 1 Groups EFG
  • Class III, Division 1
  • Up to 600 A, 600VAC
  • IP65/IP66 environmental ratings


  • Zones 1 & 2 and 21 & 22
  • Up to 680 A, 1000VAC, 1500VDC
  • IP65/IP66 environmental ratings


  • Ex II 2 G/D Ex de IIc tD A21
  • Zones 1 & 2 and 22 & 22
  • 20 – 125A, 750 VAC
  • IP65 or IP65/IP66 environmental ratings


  • Zone 1 & 2
  • Zone 21 & 22
  • 5 A, 250V non-current interrupting
  • IP66/IP67/IP69 Water and Dust Protection
  • Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic Casing

Key Features

Protection Method for Zone 1 & Zone 21 Products (DXN and DXA)

Protection Method for Zone 2 Products

Protection Method for Single Pole SPeX

Spring-Loaded Butt Contacts

Silver-Nickel Contact Surfaces

Integral LOTO Provisions

Spring-Assisted Terminals

Automatic Watertightness

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