meltric self-ejecting plugs and receptacles

Protect Equipment and Users from Drive-Away Damage

Accidental drive-offs without first disconnecting loading dock power connections to trailers can cause significant damage to electrical equipment and create unexpected safety hazards.  Protect users from those and similar hazards on other mobile equipment or inside facilities where power connection cables are near fork-lift or other vehicle traffic with MELTRIC Self-Ejecting plugs and receptacles.


disconnection damage

Minimize Equipment Damage

MELTRIC self-ejecting plugs and receptacles are designed to protect electrical system equipment from damage in the event of drive-away or drive-by snagging of a power cable.  More...

safety first

Protect Users

Preventing drive-away damage improves safety and reduces liability by eliminating the electrical safety hazards it can cause. More...


Improved Reliability & Uptime

Consistent high quality connections ensure that equipment and operations stay up and running. More...

lower costs

Cost Reduction

 Avoiding drive-away damage reduces equipment, maintenance, downtime and safety costs and can provide substantial savings over time.  More…

Key Features

Spring-Loaded Butt Contacts

Silver-Nickel Contact Surfaces

Quick Break Mechanism

Push Button Disconnection

Spring-Assisted Terminals

Power & Control in One Device

Automatic Watertightness

Replacement Parts