Generator Plugs & Receptacles

switch-rated portable generator

Safe Plug and Play Generator Connections

Workers risk exposure to arc flash when disconnecting standard generator plugs and receptacles. To prevent accidents, install UL/CSA Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles from MELTRIC. They are a combination plug, receptacle, and disconnect switch in one device. MELTRIC receptacles/connectors feature a built-in switching function that ensures the contacts are safely deenergized before the generator plug can be withdrawn. Arc flash safety is ensured. Plug and play functionality makes connections fast and easy. 

plug receptacle and disconnect switch


Generator Plugs & Receptacles Benefits

Safety Shutter

Safely Make/Break Motor Connections, Even During Overloads

MELTRIC devices are switch-rated up to 200A and 100 hp. They provide short-circuit make and withstand protection up to 100kA.

Dead Front Shutter

Dead-Front Design

The dead-front design prevents exposure to live parts and arc flash hazards. The need for arc flash protection boundaries and cumbersome PPE is eliminated. Switch-Rated devices maintain a NFPA 70E 'hazard risk category' equal to zero.

Visible Contact Separation

Easy Deenergization Verification

Separation of the plug and receptacle provides verification of deenergization. No voltage testing required. Visible contact separation proves the power is off.

Plug & Play Simplicity

Simple Operation

Plug and play simplicity allows any qualified worker to quickly connect and disconnect generators and other electrical equipment. Specially trained electrical workers are not required for load making/breaking. Downtime related to equipment changeouts can be reduced by up to 50%.

lockout-tagout LOTO

Straightforward LOTO

Lockout provisions facilitate easy compliance with lockout/tagout requirements. Only your lock and tag are needed, no additional mechanisms are required. (Provisions are standard on the plug and optional on the receptacle.)

Code Compliant

Compliance Simplified

MELTRIC Switch-Rated devices are UL/CSA listed for "Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching" and "Branch Circuit Disconnect Switching." They are a simple and convenient way to meet the NEC line-of-sight disconnect switch requirement. 

Automatic Watertightness

Watertight Connections

Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications, MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles are Type 4X/IP69/IP69K watertight. There's nothing to tighten, simply connect the plug and receptacle for automatic watertight ingress protection.

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