Data Centers

Data Centers

Processing Your Power: MELTRIC Data Center Electrical Solutions

MELTRIC offers a comprehensive data center solution tailored to meet the unique demands of this critical industry.

In the data center sector, where uptime and data integrity are non-negotiable, trust MELTRIC for your custom power connection needs. Our Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle, all within a single, robust device.

Built to thrive in challenging conditions, MELTRIC devices ensure top-notch electrical performance, even in high-demand environments. Whether you're managing racks of servers, cooling systems, or backup generators, MELTRIC products guarantee uninterrupted power supply.

When every second counts, MELTRIC's push-button disconnection feature becomes your ally. Quickly and safely cut the power without searching for a separate switch or dealing with complex procedures. Minimize downtime and keep your data center running at peak efficiency.

From energizing critical server infrastructure to managing power distribution and beyond, MELTRIC offers a versatile range of solutions designed to meet your data center's specific requirements. Experience the difference MELTRIC devices can make in enhancing safety, efficiency, and reliability within the data center industry. Choose MELTRIC for the power to elevate your data center operations.

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Data Centers Benefits

Safe & Reliable

MELTRIC devices comply with NFPA70E "Normal Operation" requirements, ensuring a safe working environment without the need for additional Personal Protective Equipment.

MELTRIC's built-in dead-front safety shutters safeguard against accidental contact with live parts, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents.

The enclosed arc chambers within MELTRIC devices effectively eliminate arc flash during disconnection, preventing potential damage to equipment and ensuring the well-being of data center personnel.


Short-Circuit & Overload Protection

Data centers house an array of sensitive and expensive equipment. MELTRIC's Switch-Rated devices are engineered with short-circuit and overload protection mechanisms to safeguard not only the plugs and receptacles themselves but also the critical systems and assets they power.

MELTRIC's protection mechanisms reduce the risk of electrical faults and the associated downtime, enhancing the overall reliability of data center infrastructure.


MELTRIC's unique plug-and-play capabilities simplify the process of connecting and disconnecting power and network connections. This ease of use enhances efficiency in data center operations.

With numerous pin configuration options, MELTRIC devices can be tailored to meet specific data center requirements, ensuring seamless compatibility with various equipment and systems.

MELTRIC offers a range of amperage choices to accommodate the diverse power needs of data center equipment and infrastructure.


MELTRIC's quick and hassle-free power connections enable efficient maintenance, upgrades, and equipment changes, reducing data center downtime to a minimum.

Reliability in connection means consistent data center performance and reduced chances of data disruptions.

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