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Hook Your Trailer Up with MELTRIC and Drive without Delays

In the dynamic world of trailers and transportation, reliability, efficiency, and safety are paramount. At MELTRIC, we offer a comprehensive trailer solution tailored to meet the unique demands of this critical industry.

Trailers and transport rely on uninterrupted power, making MELTRIC the trusted choice for your electrical needs. Our Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles provide the safety of a switch combined with the convenience of a plug and receptacle, all housed within a dependable device that can take a beating.

Designed to withstand challenging conditions on the road, MELTRIC devices ensure superior electrical performance, even in harsh weather, heavy loads, or fluctuating power demands. Whether it's powering refrigeration units, lighting systems, or liftgates, our products ensure a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.

When every mile and delivery matters, MELTRIC's push-button disconnection feature makes every minute count. Quickly and safely cut the power without the hassle of locating a separate switch or dealing with complex procedures. Reduce downtime and keep your transportation systems rolling ahead.

From energizing essential trailer systems to powering onboard equipment and beyond, MELTRIC offers a versatile range of solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of the trailer and transport industry. Discover the difference MELTRIC devices can make in enhancing safety, efficiency, and reliability on the road. Choose MELTRIC for the power to drive your trailer solutions forward.

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Trailer Connections Benefits

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Safe, Reliable & Compliant

MELTRIC devices are tested, certified, and compliant with a range of industrial safety codes, listings, and regulations of the railroad and locomotive industry. 

  • UL/CSA Listed: MELTRIC devices are UL/CSA listed, ensuring safety, quality, and compliance with industry standards. They provide peace of mind in environments where safety is paramount.

  • NFPA70E Compliance: MELTRIC devices meet NFPA70E requirements for "Normal Operation," eliminating the need for additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during connection and disconnection, enhancing worker safety.

  • CSA-Rated Class 1, Div 2: MELTRIC hazardous location devices are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, making them a safe choice for areas where flammable materials may be present.

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Robust, Rugged & Weather Resistant

MELTRIC plugs and receptacles are impervious to dust, debris, and moisture, and designed to be dependable in the harshest conditions encountered in railroad and locomotive applications.

  • Designed for Harsh Environments: MELTRIC plugs and receptacles are built tough to withstand the rigors of railroad and locomotive operations, including exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, and heavy usage.

  • Temperature Resilience: MELTRIC devices are temperature-tested to operate reliably from -40°F to 140°F, ensuring consistent performance in challenging weather conditions.

  • Automated Watertightness: MELTRIC Switch-rated DSN Series devices ensure up to Type 4X/IP69/IP69K rated watertightness as soon as the plug and receptacle are mated, making them ideal for railroad applications where weather exposure is a concern.

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