How to Order 101- Spotlight on Switch-Rated Plugs and Receptacles from MELTRIC Corporation

The MELTRIC catalog should be used to identify part numbers of the products that you wish to order. The catalog is available in a paper edition and it is also online at

A typical order requires a male inlet and the female receptacle. Each device is built to order in Franklin, WI to match the voltage and polarity ordered by the customer.

Option suffixes may also be added to the device part numbers to order auxiliary contacts different pawl types or other special options. See the catalog for the option suffix numbers.

It is important to note that installation accessories must also be ordered. If you don't order accessories you won't be able to mount the inlet and receptacle as desired. Meltric offers an assortment of handles, angles and boxes that can be mated with EITHER the male inlet OR the female receptacle.

So a typical order for a plug and receptacle includes four part numbers. The part number for the female receptacle plus a part number for the handle or angle that connects to the receptacle. On the male side you need two part numbers also, one for the male inlet and another for the mounting handle or angle. Once your part numbers are identified contact your local electrical distributor to place an order.

That concludes the "How to order 101" video. Further questions? contact MELTRIC customer service 800-433-7642 or email: [email protected]

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