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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a MELTRIC device over other plug and receptacle technology?

How do I order MELTRIC plugs and receptacles?

I have technical questions. Is anyone available to assist me?

Can I use poly accessories with metal devices or vice versa?

Can I purchase a receptacle without a lid?

Do you offer reverse interiors?

How do I select the correct Switch-Rated device for a motor?

Do your environmental ratings apply to your accessories?

How do I choose a MELTRIC part based on one of your competitor’s part numbers?

What series plug and receptacle do you recommend for food service applications?

Why does the DSN20 have the 2 pilot contacts only on the receptacle?

Can I replace a part or do I need to buy a new device?

What are your business hours?

What delivery service does MELTRIC use for shipping?

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