Power Distribution

meltric portable rubber box

Safe & Convenient Power Connections Wherever They are Needed

MELTRIC offers a wide range of standard as well as custom engineered power distribution products to provide users with our safe and reliable plug & receptacle connection options anywhere the process needs electric power.


power distribution

Switch-Rated Safety

Power distribution gear using MELTRIC 20-200A Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles provide operators with the safety of a disconnect switch wherever they are used to make and break connections.  More…

circuit protected receptacle

Application Specific Solutions

With a range of standard products and an engineering team ready to develop custom solutions featuring MELTRIC plugs and receptacles, you get the exact power distribution gear needed for your application.  More…

MELTRIC Durability & Reliability

MELTRIC builds its power distribution gear to last, just like its plugs and receptacles, so you know you will be getting a quality product that will provide years of service. More…

Extension Cord Safety

The use of extension cords common at large construction sites and in fabrication areas presents hazards when those cords are equipped with standard plugs and connectors.  MELTRIC eliminates those hazards.  More…


Rubber Boxes

  • 1, 2 & 3 Tier Configurations
  • Rugged, Heavy Wall Type 3R Rubber Box
  • Standard or Custom Configurations
  • Up to 100A Input (DS100C)
  • 20, 30 & 60 A Switch-Rated Receptacles
  • 20 A Convenience Receptacles
  • MCB Circuit Protection
  • Carrying Handle for Portability

Circuit Protected Receptacles

  • 20, 30 or 60 A DSN receptacles
  • Protection by fuse or breaker
  • Ultrasafe tip-out Fuseholders; Class CC for 20/30A, Class J for 60A
  • Mini Circuit Breakers for 20/30A; Supplementary Protectors for 60A
  • Painted mild or brushed SS enclosures
  • Enclosures available w/wo window
  • Type 4, 4X (SS only) and 12

Disconnect Switch Combinations

  • 30-200A Switch-Rated receptacle mounted on a fusible safety switch
  • Type 1, 3R, 12 or 4X Enclosures
  • Can alternatively or additionally mount a Switch-Rated inlet to provide a plug and play power input
  • Simplifies verification of de-energization

Custom Panels

  • Designed to customer specifications
  • Rugged metal enclosures for durability
  • Up to 200 A Switch-Rated input and output connections
  • Larger inputs available by direct feed or non-Switch-Rated devices
  • Include breaker panels, transformer panels, pilot circuits, convenience outlets, and etc
  • Lifting provisions for crane or fork-lift

Custom Multi-Gang Wall Boxes

  • Provide power for multiple circuits from one wall box
  • Combine different voltage and amperage devices, plus convenience outlets
  • Switch-Rated receptacles ensure user safety and simplify lockout/tagout
  • Painted mild steel or stainless steel enclosures
  • Circuit Labeling

Custom Control Stations

  • 316L Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • Type 4X, IP66+IP67
  • Terminal boxes
  • Motor Starters
  • Emergency Stop
  • Multi-Function
  • Hinged or Bolt-on covers

Cable Assemblies

  • Power or extension cords for most Meltric devices made to customer gauge, cable type and length specifications
  • Flexible cord for standard applications or flexible conduit for non-standard conductor combinations
  • Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles on extension cords provide a disconnect switch at every connection point

Key Features

Many Configurations and Design Options

Portability when Needed

Easy LOTO of a Complete Panel or Single Receptacle

Meltric Safety also Helps Improve Efficiency

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