Hazardous Location Plugs and Receptacles- DXN Series

Hazardous Location Plugs and Receptacles - DXN Series

DXN Series plugs and receptacles are MELTRIC’s most popular hazardous location plugs and receptacles.

They can be ordered with CSA/CUS certification for North American applications or alternatively, they can be ordered with ATEX and IECEx certifications.

Devices are available in 20, 30, and 60 amp sizes with ratings up to 600 volts and 20 horsepower.

DXNs are lightweight and easy to operate. Durable poly casings maximize portability and corrosion resistance. IP66/IP67 environmental ratings are achieved automatically - as soon as the plug mates with the receptacle.

Available accessories enable a variety of mounting configurations, including in-line connections.

The DXN utilizes spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt contacts to ensure optimal contact pressure and superior electrical performance in combustible dust or explosive gas environments.

Pressing a pawl on the receptacle safely breaks the circuit and ejects the plug to the rest position.

Once the plug is removed, a safety shutter on the receptacle prevents exposure to live parts. And a standard lockout hole on the plug allows easy lockout/tagout. An optional lockout hole on the receptacle allows the plug and the receptacle to be locked together, or the lid can be locked in the closed position. Mechanical keying of voltage-specific configurations prevents connection of wrong plugs into a receptacle.

The DXN’s explosion protection is provided via:

• flame proof chambers that can prevent arcs, flame or other ignition events from being communicated to the surrounding atmosphere

• and via increased safety in the conductor termination area.

The DXN horsepower ratings make them ideal for motor connections in hazardous environments. They provide a convenient motor disconnecting means for pumps and other equipment.

DXNs with optional auxiliary contacts can be used to control motor drives, communicate alarms, or monitor process parameters.

DXNs are rated for current interrupting. They may be broken under load, but are not recognized as a switch in hazardous locations. A disconnect switch should be located upstream for the purpose of breaking the current before disconnection of the DXN.

The DXN is suitable for use in applications where flammable gases or combustible dusts may occur under abnormal conditions.

The group of Gases covered include those in Groups A, B, C and D. The Dusts covered include those in groups E, F, or G.

For facilities using the Zone system, the DXN is suitable for applications where an explosive atmosphere due to Gas (Zone 1) or Dust (Zone 21) may occur in Normal operating conditions.

Thus, the Zone system allows for even wider usage of the DXN than the Division system.

All DXN devices are labeled for use in ambient temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. (For different ambient temperature ranges contact MELTRIC).

The gas temperature classes in this ambient temperature range are:

• T5 for 20 amp DXNs
• T5 for 30 amp DXNs
• T4 for 60 amp DXNs

These T ratings indicate the maximum temperature of the device with a safety margin included.

The dust surface temperature markings are:

T90, T77, and T100.

These markings indicate the maximum surface temperature of the device when taking into account a layer of dust that may accumulate.
For more details on DXN ratings, including an ATEX and IECEx ratings, please consult the MELTRIC catalog.

To order a DXN, or to learn more about other MELTRIC hazardous rated products, including models with metal casings, horsepower ratings up to 100 hp, or multipin devices for control applications, please consult the MELTRIC catalog or contact your MELTRIC representative.

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