Handle Accessories for MELTRIC inlets and receptacles

MELTRIC inlets and receptacles can be ordered with a variety of handle accessories to meet your application needs.

The Nylon Handle is a good all-purpose handle that is commonly used on devices rated up to a maximum of 100 amps. Each handle includes an onion skin bushing that can be adjusted to fit a variety of cord sizes.

MELTRIC’s Poly Handles and Metal Handles include a female NPT thread which allows use of third party cord grips available from MELTRIC or your local distributor. These handles provide a more secure, watertight connection and are recommended for cord drops and other applications.

The Santoprene Handle is used for higher amperage devices and includes both a bushing and a clamp feature for a more robust cable grip. Ergonomic Ribs on the handle make it easy to grab.

The Extended Handle is like the Nylon handle but it allows more room for wiring. It’s onion skin bushing offers more layers to provide a snug fit around most cables.

This Poly handle includes a clamp that grips the cable and protects the bushing. This handle is available on select models rated up to a maximum of 100 amps.

This Poly handle offers draw grips for easier connector closure. Like the Nylon Handle it features an adjustable onion skin bushing. It is only available for select DSN and DS models in the 30 to 60 amp range. An alternative to this model is to order finger drawplates with other handles.

Angled handles are available for PN and DSN20 models only. They include an onion skin bushing for cord fit.

Oversized metal handles are available for select higher amperage models. Two external handles facilitate operation of the device and ample space accommodates larger wire sizes.

Neoprene handles are used for select higher amperage models where the Santoprene handle is not yet offered. The neoprene handle is not water tight.

For more information about handles and other accessories please consult the MELTRIC catalog or contact your local sales representative.