Benefits of Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles
safe connect stainless steel truck unit mounting

Accidental drive-offs of mobile equipment without first disconnecting power can be dangerous and result in major equipment damage. Protect users and equipment with MELTRIC Self-Ejecting plugs and receptacles.

Minimize Equipment Damage

Protect Users

Improved Reliability and Uptime

Drive-away damage not only puts loading docks, supply trailers and other equipment out of commission until necessary repairs can be made, but may also affect the production or supply operations they are intended to serve. The best solution is to eliminate the problem with MELTRIC Self-Ejecting devices.

MELTRIC spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt-contacts, spring assisted terminals and automatic watertightness also eliminate many of the other functional limitations of standard plugs and receptacles that lead to failure and downtime.

Cost Reduction