Benefits of Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles
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Accidental drive-offs of mobile equipment without first disconnecting power can be dangerous and result in major equipment damage. Protect users and equipment with MELTRIC Self-Ejecting plugs and receptacles.

Minimize Equipment Damage

In drive-aways with standard plugs and receptacles, cable tension increases until something gives, essentially pulling the system apart. This can damage the power connector, the inlet and mounting structure on the trailer, the power cable and the power supply/control panel.

MELTRIC self-ejecting devices are configured for straight ejection and are outfitted with a release cord that is fixed at one end to the cable and at the other to the latching pawl in a manner that maintains slack in the power cable. Thus, during a drive-away, tension in the release cord builds faster and pulls the latch open to safely eject the spring-loaded connector before tension in the cable becomes a problem.

The ejection of the connector ensures there is no damage to the inlet, trailer, power cord or control panel. Proper tethering of the MELTRIC device will also prevent damage to it that might otherwise occur from impact after ejection.

Protect Users

Improved Reliability and Uptime

Cost Reduction