Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles from MELTRIC Corporation

Most MELTRIC Plugs and Receptacles are available with a self-ejecting option.

The self-ejecting option ensures that the plug or receptacle is safely disconnected when a vehicle or portable equipment is moved. As a result, workers are protected from electrical hazards, equipment damage is prevented, and maintenance costs are reduced.

A MELTRIC receptacle or plug can be ordered with self-ejecting features. When a self-ejecting female connector is ordered, the standard pawl on the connector is replaced by a shark’s fin pawl. When the device is installed, the pawl is attached to the power cable via a tension cord. Then if the connected equipment is moved, the tension cord lifts the shark’s fin pawl and the connector is ejected before damage can occur.

When a self-ejecting male plug is ordered a shark’s fin mechanism is added to the plug. During installation, a tension cord is attached from the shark’s fin to the power cable. When tension develops in the power cable, the shark’s fin mechanism lifts the standard pawl on the female receptacle and the plug is safely ejected.

Self-ejecting connections are commonly used on truck hook-ups, cranes, railroad cars, refrigerated food carts, delivery vehicles, and other portable equipment. Please note that the self-ejecting feature requires modifications to the receptacle that allow straight insertion and disconnection. Plugs and receptacles modified for straight-insertion or self-ejecting are not Switch-Rated.

Consult the options section of the MELTRIC catalog for specific ordering instructions.

For more information, please call a MELTRIC Representative today.

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