Benefits of Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of Self-Ejecting Plugs and Receptacles
safe connect stainless steel truck unit mounting

Accidental drive-offs of mobile equipment without first disconnecting power can be dangerous and result in major equipment damage. Protect users and equipment with MELTRIC Self-Ejecting plugs and receptacles.

Minimize Equipment Damage

Protect Users

Improved Reliability and Uptime

Cost Reduction

While the initial purchase cost of a system with self-ejecting devices may be slightly higher than with standard plugs and receptacles, that small difference is insignificant compared to the high costs of a drive-away incident:

  • One drive-away event can destroy the trailer inlet and mounting, the connector and power cable and the control panel, resulting in thousands of dollars of equipment damage and significant maintenance work for repairs.
  • It can also put the dock and trailer out of service and cause disruption of supply or downtime of the processes being served.
  • Equipment damaged by drive-away may create safety hazards and result in injury of the next user if the damage is not found and corrected at the time of the incident.

It’s an easy choice; spend a few dollars more today and save thousands later.

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