Benefits of Power Distribution

Power Connections Where You Need Them

MELTRIC power distribution products provide safe and reliable connections where you need them when you need them. These products feature Switch-Rated safety, custom options to fit your specific application, and extension cord safety to eliminate potential injury hazards and arcing exposure.

Switch-Rated Safety

Application Specific Solutions

We can design in transformers for stepdown or dual voltage applications, overcurrent protection, control circuitry and power connections up to 600A.  Enclosures may be painted or unpainted, mild or stainless steel, and may be equipped with wheel kits, lifting provisions, rain hoods, and/or access doors, lids or panels.  Examples of MELTRIC custom power distribution gear include:

  • MELTRIC power distribution panels providing power to welders, pre-heaters, ventilation equipment and portable lighting through Meltric 6-gang circuit protected portable spider boxes all across shipyard and other large fabrication areas.   
  • MELTRIC multi-gang, multi-voltage custom wall boxes provide process, maintenance and convenience power connections through a single box providing a clean and organized setup for automobile assembly or other manufacturing areas.
  • MELTRIC transformer panels provide stepdown and/or dual voltage capabilities for convenience and higher amperage receptacles in mobile or fixed packages.

MELTRIC fork-lift or crane movable distribution panels, in this case with incoming service supplied through a 400A PF connector to power 20 DSN 20A receptacles for assembly and test equipment.

MELTRIC Durability & Reliability

Extension Cord Safety

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