Benefits of Power Distribution

Power Connections Where You Need Them

MELTRIC power distribution products provide safe and reliable connections where you need them when you need them. These products feature Switch-Rated safety, custom options to fit your specific application, and extension cord safety to eliminate potential injury hazards and arcing exposure.

Switch-Rated Safety

Incorporating Switch-Rated connectors into power distribution gear ensures that users can safely make and break connections wherever they are working:

  • Switching capabilities allow users to safely connect and disconnect equipment under full load, at the distribution panel or at the end of an extension cord.
  • Their dead-front design with safety shutter protects users by eliminating the possibility of exposure to arcing during connection or disconnection and by blocking all unintended access to live parts.  
  • Spring-loaded, silver-nickel, butt-contacts maintain high conductivity even in harsh environments and are performance tested to survive horsepower overload testing at 600% of the full load motor current, plus 6000 operations under full load, to ensure long operating lives.

Application Specific Solutions

MELTRIC Durability & Reliability

Extension Cord Safety

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