Benefits of Power Distribution

Power Connections Where You Need Them

MELTRIC power distribution products provide safe and reliable connections where you need them when you need them. These products feature Switch-Rated safety, custom options to fit your specific application, and extension cord safety to eliminate potential injury hazards and arcing exposure.

Switch-Rated Safety

Application Specific Solutions

MELTRIC Durability & Reliability

The durability and reliability of MELTRIC power distribution gear stems from its thoughtful design, appropriate materials and careful assembly. 

  • The use of proper types and gauges of steel, selective reinforcement, precision fabrication, effective gasketing, ground clearance feet, and rain hoods or other water shedding features help our enclosures stand up to harsh conditions.
  • High quality terminals, breakers, wire mesh cord grips and other third-party components are used to ensure long operating lives.
  • Careful and neat training of the wiring keeps it out of harms way and improves visibility and access to internal components.

Extension Cord Safety

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