MELTRIC® is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, the DSP400 — a compact, rugged, and high-performance 400 A, 480 VAC, 750 VDC, single-pole device designed to meet the demands of the most challenging power distribution applications. Packed with cutting-edge features, like two pre-wired pilot contacts for safety circuit capabilities, the DSP400 sets a new standard in safety, reliability, and versatility.

DSP400 Graphic

The DSP400 is a versatile and robust device with advanced safety features, making it suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, especially in challenging and rugged environments, such as power distribution, electrification, shore power, heavy machinery, transportation, and more!


Max Amperage & Voltage

400 A, 480 VAC, 750 VDC

Current Interruption Capability

Not for Current Interrupting

Environmental Ratings


Temperature Range

Min -40/Max 140F

Wiring Capacity

Min 1/0 Max 600 MCM



Why Choose the DSP400?

The DSP400 is not just a multi-phase to single pole device; it’s a game-changer in the industry. With unmatched durability, advanced safety features, and a versatile design, the DSP400 is engineered to excel in the most demanding environments. Trust in the DSP400, from MELTRIC, for reliable, efficient, and safe power connection.

Key Features

Shorting Plate for Functionality:

The shorting plate design allows for the tying of all phase contacts together, transforming the multi-contact device into a single pole. This design provides flexibility in power distribution applications.

Pre-wired Pilot Contacts for Versatility:

The inclusion of pre-wired pilot contacts with a pass-through capability of 10 A wiring enables the DSP400 to be used for safety circuits or other control applications, adding versatility.

Lockout, Tagout System:

The DSP400 is equipped with a padlockable pawl feature that allows a lock to be applied to prevent the insertion or removal of plugs. This physically prevents the device from being connected or disconnected while maintenance is in progress. This ensures that once the lock is in place, the device cannot be operated or accessed.

The MELTRIC Advantage

Silver-Nickel, Butt-Style Contacts:

Solid silver-nickel contact surfaces ensure superior conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing efficient electrical connections and extended contact life.

Safety Features for Error Prevention:

Mechanical keying (rotational position) and visual differentiation (gasket color) of phases prevent intermating, ensuring correct connections and reducing the risk of errors during installation.

Lid and Dead-Front Safety Shutter for Enhanced Protection:

The DSP400 comes equipped with a protective lid and dead-front safety shutter, providing an additional layer of defense against electrocution risk and harsh environmental conditions. This feature enhances the device’s overall durability, making it ideal for rugged applications.


Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic polyamide casing material enhances the overall performance, durability, impact, corrosion, and environmental resistance and longevity of the DSP400 in demanding industrial and environmental conditions.

NOTE: Current Interruption Capability: The DSP400 is not designed for current interrupting. This means it is not intended for use in applications where interrupting electrical current is a requirement.