The following trademarks are owned and used by MELTRIC Corporation and its parent company, Marechal Electric Group.

Only the most important common law marks are included in this list. If a mark is not listed on this page it does not mean that MELTRIC does not use the mark in commercial activities or that the product is not significant within its market.

Trademarks followed by the ® symbol are registered by MELTRIC or by Marechal Electric Group in the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. All other marks are trademarks or common law marks of MELTRIC or the Marechal Electric Group.

Questions concerning this list should be directed to the MELTRIC Marketing Department: Phone: 1-414-433-2700; Fax:1-414-433-2701. Email:

MELTRIC Registered Trademarks


Marechal Electric Group Registered Trademarks


TECHNOR® ( US only)


Rettbox ®


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