Simple and Safe Connections for Every Stage of the Aviation Industry

MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles.


Simple and safe connections for every stage of the aviation industry.

Where can MELTRIC be used in your airport?

  • Baggage and Freight Conveyors
  • Jetway Connections
  • Airplane Assembly
  • Power Conversion Carts
  • Maintenance Hangars
  • Hydraulic Fluid Pumps

What are MELTRIC Switch-Rated devices aviation specific features?

Simplify NEC 513 Compliance

  • When installon on mobile power carts avobe the 18" level, they eliminate the need for:
    • Explosion-proof plugs
    • Cumbersome PPE

Extremely Rugged

  • Works in temperatures -40°F - 140°F
  • Reinforced for excellent impact resistance
  • Built to resist harsh chemicals

Customizable Features

  • Add pilot contacts to control power circuits and de-energize when not in use
  • Self-eject feature to avoid accidental damage

What are MELTRIC Switch-Rated devices main features:


  • Standard LOTO provisions included on plug
  • Built-in receptacle provision are optional
  • Lock together to prevent unauthorized disconnections

Safety & Compliance

  • NEC 'Line-of-Sight' disconnect: Verified visualization of disconnected power
  • NFPA 70E compliance simplified: No need for ppe when disconnecting
  • Dead-front design for simplified protection

Unique Features

  • Silver-nickel material resists tarnishing and provides superior conductivity
  • Self-cleaning, spring-loaded butt-style ensures optional force and performance
  • Watertight connections, automatic type 4X/IP69/IP69K and/or 3R rated

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