Quick Motor Change-outs using Switch-Rated Plugs and Receptacles from MELTRIC

Do you have downtime critical motors in your production facility?

How about mission critical motors in remote locations?

Or maybe you want to avoid having to bother an overworked electrician in the middle of the night?

MELTRIC has a solution.

Our switch-rated plugs and receptacles enable plug and play motor changeouts by any qualified worker.

They are a plug, receptacle, and disconnect switch in one device.

Exclusive features prevent exposure to live parts and arc flash, making it easy for qualified workers to interrupt and disconnect the load at the motor, visually verify deenergization, Apply lockout/tagout, and then perform required work tasks- like motor replacements.

When finished, power can be quickly reconnected in complete safety.

With Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles installed management can be secure in knowing they are protecting their workers from electrical hazards and complying with safety standards like NFPA 70E or CSA Z462.

And worker’s jobs are safer and easier because they do not need to wear personal protective equipment when connecting and disconnecting electrical power up to six hundred volts.

As an added benefit, installation costs are reduced because MELTRIC switch-rated devices meet the electrical code requirements for both motor-circuit and branch-circuit disconnect switching.

Models are available with ratings from twenty amps to two hundred amps. 
And from three-quarters horsepower all the way up to one hundred horsepower.

Installation accessories allow different mounting configurations. 
And custom options, such as auxiliary contacts, meet specific application needs.

Ensure safety, decrease downtime, reduce costs and simplify maintenance.

Contact MELTRIC today!

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