PF Series High Amp Plugs and Receptacles - Feature Spotlights and How to Operate

Meltric's PF Series High Amperage plugs and receptacles offer exclusive features that maximize safety, usability, and performance. The solid silver material used in our contacts provides excellent conductivity even in wet or corrosive environments. Meltric’s exclusive silver pressure contact technology allows easy plug insertion and removal. The contacts mate with a self-cleaning action that works particularly well in dirty conditions.

All PF plugs and receptacles are equipped with auxiliary pilot contacts. The pilot circuit is closed by rotating the mechanical cam lock on the receptacle after the plug is inserted. This energizes the circuit and it also prevents disconnection of the plug while it is energized. To deenergize the circuit open the pilots by rotating the cam the opposite direction. The PF casings are highly resistant to shocks and they are epoxy/powder coated to protect them from corrosion.

1. Insert the plug into the receptacle

2. Twist the plug 30° clockwise to engage the phase contacts and make the unit watertight.

3. Turn the mechanical lock to secure the inlet to the receptacle and engage the pilot contacts which energize the circuit.

4. Turn the mechanical lock to disengage the pilot contacts and de-energize the power control circuit.

5. Twist the plug 30° counterclockwise to disengage the phase contacts.

6. Remove the plug.

PF Series 400 to 600A IP66/IP67

PFQ Series Up to 300A  IP66/IP67

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