MELTRIC devices make the transition to clean power smooth, efficient, and safe

MELTRIC devices make the transition to clean power smooth, efficient, and safe.

Where can MELTRIC help make the shift to electrification happen? 

• Motors

• Pumps

• Shore power

• EV battery recharge

• Fleet vehicles

• Power distribution

• Generators

• Electronic fracking

• Machine drilling

What electrification goals can MELTRIC plugs & receptacles help you meet?

Operational Efficiency

• Meet NEC line-of-sight disconnect requirements

• Easy-to-operate connections for heavy equipment

Reduce Costs

• Eliminate the need for separate disconnect and interlock

• Quickly and safely connect/disconnect equipment with plug-and-play simplicity

Reduce Waste

•  RETTBOX® S reduces reliance on ICE engines and charges onboard equipment

•  Fuel isn’t wasted while fleets idle


• Low energy resistance is generated from silver-nickel, butt-style technology

• Reduced power consumption with less heat is transfer also lowering your utility bill

• Made with durable corrosion-free material for a long lifecycle

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