DSN150 150 Amp Switch-Rated Plug & Receptacle

The MELTRIC DSN150 is a high-performance plug and receptacle that’s part of the Switch-Rated series. It’s suitable for Branch or Motor Circuit Disconnect switching on applications up to:

• 150 Amp

• 75HP

• 600V

The DSN150 can also be ordered with a variety of options including

• Up to 6 auxiliary contacts which are UL and CSA rated.

• And it can be available with reinforced poly or metal alloy casings

It’s available with your choice of reinforced poly or metal alloy casings.

Like other models in MELTRIC’s DSN Series product line the DSN150 includes exclusive safety and performance features that simplify compliance to electrical codes and protects users from arc flash hazards.

Exclusive features include:

• A protective safety shutter that prevents worker exposure to live parts and arc flash.

• A lockout hole on the plug that allows easy lockout/tagout.

• Spring-loaded, silver-nickel, butt-style contacts that maintain optimum contact pressure while resisting corrosion and cold welding that occur with competitors pin and sleeve contacts.

• Easy closing mechanism that facilitates connection of the plug to the receptacle.

• As soon as the plug is connected to the receptacle Type 4X watertightness is automatically achieved

You will find that the DSN150 is ideal for safely connecting and disconnecting large motors and other high amperage applications such as,

• shore power,

• generator connections,

• or for power distribution.

If you would like more information or would like to order DSN150 plugs and receptacles, please contact a MELTRIC representative today.

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