DR400 Series High Amperage Plugs and Receptacles

MELTRIC is pleased to introduce the DR400.

This heavy duty, high-amperage plug and receptacle, with all-metal construction and a compact form factor, is rated up to:

• 400A at 480V

• Or 350A at 600V

The DR400 is superior to other high amperage plugs and receptacles due to exclusive features that maximize safety, convenience, and performance:

First and foremost it utilizes MELTRIC’s spring-loaded, silver-nickel, butt-style contact technology which enable easy connection and disconnection while maintaining optimum contact pressure and resisting corrosion, cold welding, and other problems that occur with competitors pin and sleeve contacts.

Other exclusive DR400 features include:

• An easy closing mechanism that allows the user to connect the plug to the receptacle with minimal force. Rated watertightness is achieved as soon as the plug is connected to the receptacle.

• Once the plug is engaged a screw-type locking pawl ensures safety by preventing accidental disconnection. An optional lock can also be used.

• To disengage the plug deenergize the circuit, unscrew the locking pawl and press to eject the plug to the rest position.

• Once the plug is removed a lockout hole makes lockout/tagout.

• And a protective safety shutter on the receptacle protects workers from potential exposure to live parts and arc flash

• Each DR400 also includes two Auxiliary contacts that can be used to enable additional monitoring, control, or communication.

These features make the DR400 your best choice for high amperage applications such as,

• power distribution

• shore power,

• generators connections,

If you would like more information or would like to order DR plugs and receptacles, please contact a MELTRIC representative today.

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