DN9c and DN20c Multipin Plugs and Receptacles from MELTRIC Corporation

MELTRIC offers a broad range of multipin devices for use in a wide variety of control and power applications. The DN9c and DN20c Series plugs and receptacles allow multiple power circuits or a combination of power and control circuits in a single connection. Common applications include automated trailer connections, overhead crane connections, and motor connections for two or more motors.

DN9c and DN20c devices are CSACUS listed for North American applications.

Each device features high performance silver-nickel, spring-loaded, butt-style contacts. Individual DN contacts are rated to carry 20 amps at 480V except when 13 or more contacts are used in one device, in that case they are rated for 15 amps each.

For 480 volt motor applications one DN9c can be used to connect two 5 horsepower motors. And one DN20c can be used to connect up to six 3 horsepower motors.

At other voltages please consult the MELTRIC catalog for the DN’s horsepower ratings. DNs are rated for current interrupting. They may be broken under load but are not recognized with UL or CSA switch ratings like MELTRIC’s DSN, DS, and DB product lines.

DN’s feature automatic IP54/IP55 watertightness as soon as the plug is mated to the receptacle. If needed, an option is available that provides additional watertightness for washdown environments. DN’s feature robust metal casings and terminal wiring capacity from 16 gage to 10 gage.

DNs are also suitable for direct current applications up to 130 volts DC. When used with direct currents, the device’s CSA listing does not apply.

For more information about DN Series devices visit meltric.com where you can look up your local sales representative, peruse the online catalog or view information about other MELTRIC plugs and receptacles.

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