CS1000 Single Pole Plugs & Receptacles (400A, 600V)

MELTRIC CS1000 single-pole plugs and connectors set an industry standard for safety and performance. They are UL CSA Listed up to 400 amps at 600 volts AC or DC.

Key CS1000 safety features include:

• IP2X finger protection that protects users from live parts.

• A mechanical keying system, along with color coding, to prevent insertion of the wrong phases.

• A locking pin that prevents accidental disconnection.

Additionally, the CS1000 was tested beyond UL 1691 requirements. It successfully passed three abnormal overload operations. Although it is not to be disconnected under load, the test results demonstrate a higher level of safety and robustness than the standard requires.

CS1000 performance features include:

• Exclusive spring-loaded butt-style contacts that ensure optimal contact force, resulting in superior electrical performance over thousands of operations

• Solid silver-nickel contact material that provides greater conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance over competitors’ brass contacts.

• A protective cap that provides IP66/IP67 watertightness when the plug and receptacle are disconnected.

These safety and performance features make the CS1000 your best choice for single-pole high amperage applications.

To connect a CS1000:

• Insert the plug partially into the matching receptacle.

• Rotate the plug counterclockwise as needed, to position the locking pin 90 degrees from its latch.

• Now apply light insertion pressure and rotate the plug a quarter turn clockwise to seat the contacts and engage the locking pin.

• The plug and connector cannot be disconnected without first retracting the locking pin.

• Insert the key into the groove on the locking pin.

• Slide the key back to retract the locking pin.

• Twist the plug counterclockwise and remove.

To order a CS1000:

Select a matching inlet and receptacle. MELTRIC offers either UL rated or CE rated devices in the catalog.

Next select appropriate accessories.

Two types of handles are available:

• A standard duty handle that withstands a cable pull-out force up to 100 lbs.

• A heavy-duty handle with cord grip and mesh that withstands up to 300 lbs.

For mounting a receptacle or inlet on a box, a 30 degree angle is available. Or if you prefer to mount the CS1000 directly onto a panel, an adapter plate can be ordered.

Crimping lugs are also required. When handles are utilized, straight, threaded lugs are needed. When mounting to a box or a wall, straight lugs with a terminal are recommended.

For other miscellaneous CS1000 accessories, consult your MELTRIC catalog.

If you would like to place an order for the CS1000, please contact a MELTRIC representative today.

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