Cord Drop Plugs and Connectors with Switch-Ratings from MELTRIC

MELTRIC’s switch-rated plugs and receptacles are the superior choice for power cord drops in your facility.

They protect workers from potential exposure to electrical hazards when connecting and disconnecting electrical equipment.

Worker safety is assured because an integral switch mechanism on the receptacle safely deenergizes the plug before it can be removed. Once removed a safety shutter ensures that workers are protected from live parts and only the correct mating plug can be inserted.

Compliance to electrical codes and safety standards is simplified because MELTRIC’s switch-rated plugs and receptacles are UL and CSA listed as a branch circuit disconnect switch and as a motor circuit disconnect switch.

Cost savings are achieved because they eliminate the need for non-fused disconnect switches. For motor connections it is your line-of-sight disconnect switch required by electrical codes. Maintenance efficiency is improved because they allow plug and play connection and disconnection of motors and other equipment by any qualified worker without having to wear PPE. A standard lockout hole in the plug allows easy locked out/tag out and an optional feature allows the plug and receptacle to be locked together.

And for washdown areas, the device’s environmental rating is achieved automatically, as soon as the plug is mated to the receptacle or as soon as the lid on the receptacle is closed. In contrast, standard cord drops can be a dangerous and they often lead to maintenance hassles.

When competitor’s pin and sleeve or twist-type devices are used, safety is a concern because arc flash may result when workers neglect to deenergize before unplugging equipment. These devices are not intended for connection or disconnection of live equipment.

Instead, to conform to NFPA 70E or CSA Z462 and avoid arc flash accidents, the worker should shut off power at the disconnect switch and verify deenergization before disconnecting or connecting the plug.

And watertightness can be a problem with competing devices because workers often neglect to tighten the plastic ring that is required to achieve rated watertightness. Leading to corrosion of the brass contacts and other problems.

Plugs and connectors in a cord drop configuration can sometimes be hard to operate due to their awkward position. Not so when MELTRIC plugs and receptacles are installed with the optional finger drawplates. This recommended accessory makes it easy for anyone to safely connect the device.

For cord drops MELTRIC recommends installing threaded NPT handles with a mating cord grip. For washdown environments sealer tape should be used and an optional plug cap is recommended to protect the plug when in the disconnected state.

MELTRIC’s switch rated plugs and receptacles are available in a variety of configurations with ratings up to 200 amps, 600 volts, 100 horsepower and type 4X watertightness. For more product information please consult your MELTRIC catalog or contact your local sales representative.

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