Benefits of DECONTACTOR™ Technology

Benefits of MELTRIC Decontactor Technology

Providing Benefits throughout Your Facility

MELTRIC DS and DSN Series Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one reliable, cost-effective device. They provide user safety, arc flash protection, code compliance, and operating cost benefits that are not possible with other devices.

Ensure User Safety

Simplify NFPA 70E Compliance

Easily Meet NEC Line-of-Sight Disconnect Requirements

Improve Reliability

Reduce Changeout Downtime by up to 50%

Total Cost Reduction

The benefits and advantages of MELTRIC DS and DSN Series plugs and receptacles help users reduce costs in a number of key areas.

Purchase and Installation Cost Reduction:

  • Their branch circuit and motor circuit disconnect switch ratings allow them to additionally serve as the NEC required line-of-sight disconnect, eliminating the need and cost of separate non-fused disconnect switches and the interlock switches required with ordinary pin & sleeve devices.
  • Available auxiliary contacts can reduce or eliminate the need for separate connectors for control and monitoring circuits.
  • Flexible mounting configurations allow installation in a convenient location and simplifies the design and wiring of the circuit.

Maintenance Cost Reduction:

  • Motors and other equipment can be quickly and safely connected and disconnected with plug and play simplicity by technicians.
  • The need to jog the motor and possibly re-wire if phase rotation is wrong can be eliminated with properly re-wired replacement motors.
  • Associated electrical work to pre-wire and verify proper phase rotation of critical replacement motors can be done in the convenience and efficiency of the electrical shop during non-downtime periods.
  • Operating a DS or DSN is an NFPA 70E “Normal Operation” and separation of the plug and receptacle provides visual verification of deenergization so there is no need to suit up in cumbersome PPE or perform voltage testing.

Downtime Cost Reduction:

  • Using MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles to connect critical motors and equipment and pre-wired replacements reduces changeout downtime by up to 50%. They eliminate the need for to wait for an electrician to arrive to perform the wiring, for workers to suit-up in PPE and perform voltage testing on the disconnect to verify deenergization, and the need to jog motors to ensure proper phase rotation.
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