Benefits of Standard Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Standard Plugs and Receptacles
pn standard duty plug and receptacle

Safe, Economical, and Reliable Standard Duty Devices

MELTRIC Standard Duty plugs and receptacles provide a more economical alternative for applications where the added benefits of Switch-Rated devices are not required.  Because they are based on the same technology used in our Switch-Rated products, users are ensured of safe and reliable operation over thousands of operations.  

Please consult the High Ampacity product section for applications above 250A.

User Safety

Ease of Operation

Improved Reliability

Life Cycle Cost Reduction

Reduce equipment, installation, maintenance and operational costs.

The benefits and advantages of MELTRIC DR and PN Series plugs and receptacles help users reduce costs in a number of key areas.

Purchase and Installation Cost Reduction:

• MELTRIC Standard Duty devices provide a higher amp rating per dollar than our Switch-Rated devices, so they are a more economical choice.

• Available auxiliary contacts can reduce or eliminate the need for separate connectors for control and monitoring circuits.

• Flexible mounting configurations allow installation in a convenient location and helps simplify the design and wiring of the circuit.

• Available adapter plates allow the mounting of MELTRIC devices on existing wall boxes, eliminating the cost of a new box and associated rewiring.

Maintenance Cost Reduction:

• Superior contact and terminal design, along with automatic watertightness provides a longer operating life and eliminates failures and repairs due to failed or welded contacts, overheated terminals,and water ingress that are common with other devices.

• Integral and available lockout-tagout provisions make following proper procedures simple.

• Available and reasonably priced replacement parts make field repairs possible and practical should they ever be needed.

Downtime Cost Reduction:

• Longer operating lives and less failures keeps processes running and eliminates costly downtime.