Benefits of Standard Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Standard Plugs and Receptacles
pn standard duty plug and receptacle

Safe, Economical, and Reliable Standard Duty Devices

MELTRIC Standard Duty plugs and receptacles provide a more economical alternative for applications where the added benefits of Switch-Rated devices are not required.  Because they are based on the same technology used in our Switch-Rated products, users are ensured of safe and reliable operation over thousands of operations.  

Please consult the High Ampacity product section for applications above 250A.

User Safety

Ease of Operation

Improved Reliability

Spring-loaded silver-nickel butt contacts maintain high conductivity for thousands of operations, even in harsh conditions.

The design and performance capabilities of MELTRIC PN and DR Series plugs and receptacles eliminate problems common with other standard plugs and receptacles and provide long operating lives that improve reliability and help reduce unplanned maintenance downtime.

• Spring-loaded butt contacts provide consistent and optimal contact force for thousands of operations. This eliminates the inherent problems with pin and sleeve contacts that wear with use resulting in poor, high resistance connections over time.

• Solid silver-nickel contact material provides excellent conductivity that does not degrade significantly with oxidation or in harsh environments. It also resists welding due to arcing and provides good wear resistance. By contrast, the brass material used in most other plugs and receptacles is not arc resistant and wears, oxidizes and tarnishes easily, so its electrical performance can degrade significantly in normal use.

• Spring-assisted terminals compensate for the effects of strand settlement, temperature cycling, and vibration that can cause terminal screws on other devices to loosen and create high resistance connections and potential damage from overheating.

• Rated watertightness is achieved simply by connecting the plug to the receptacle. This automatic watertightness eliminates failures due to water ingress seen on pin and sleeve devices when the additionally-required watertightness ring is not threaded on or turned into position.

• Available wire mesh cord grips provide maximum protection against cable pull-out.

Life Cycle Cost Reduction