Benefits of Standard Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Standard Plugs and Receptacles
pn standard duty plug and receptacle

Safe, Economical, and Reliable Standard Duty Devices

MELTRIC Standard Duty plugs and receptacles provide a more economical alternative for applications where the added benefits of Switch-Rated devices are not required.  Because they are based on the same technology used in our Switch-Rated products, users are ensured of safe and reliable operation over thousands of operations.  

Please consult the High Ampacity product section for applications above 250A.

User Safety

Ease of Operation

Integral and optional features make connection and disconnection easier than with competitive devices, even in cord drop and in-line applications. Larger 150A-250A devices are provided with integral drawbar mechanisms that easily pull the plug into the receptacle and securely latch it in place. Optional finger draw plates are available for 30A-100A devices to provide a comfortable grip and extra leverage to make in-line and cord drop connections smooth and easy.

DR devices have a push button release feature that makes disconnection almost effortless. Once the circuit has been deenergized, pressing the release button automatically disengages the contacts and ejects the plug to the rest position. It can then be removed from the receptacle simply by rotating and withdrawing it.

The automatic watertightness feature also simplifies operation by eliminating the need to thread on/off or otherwise engage/disengage the auxiliary watertightness rings that are required on many competitive devices.

Improved Reliability

Life Cycle Cost Reduction