Benefits of Standard Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Standard Plugs and Receptacles
pn standard duty plug and receptacle

Safe, Economical, and Reliable Standard Duty Devices

MELTRIC Standard Duty plugs and receptacles provide a more economical alternative for applications where the added benefits of Switch-Rated devices are not required.  Because they are based on the same technology used in our Switch-Rated products, users are ensured of safe and reliable operation over thousands of operations.  

Please consult the High Ampacity product section for applications above 250A.

User Safety

Like all MELTRIC devices, our Standard Duty devices are designed with the first priority of keeping users safe, even in abnormal conditions.

• 30A-400A DR Series receptacles have safety shutters that automatically close before the plug can be removed and block unintended access to live contacts. The 20A PN receptacles have recessed, finger safe contacts.

• Superior contact technology provides consistent high-quality connections and eliminates high resistance, overheated connections that lead to failure in other devices.

• The DR Series devices also have push button disconnection, a quick break mechanism and dead-front construction that minimizes and isolates arcing if the plug is disconnected under load. It is not possible to draw an arc during disconnection.

• Automatic watertightness achieved simply by connecting the plug and receptacle prevents failures and flashover due to ingress common on competitive devices if their additionally-required IP rings are not engaged.

• DR Series devices have short circuit close and withstand ratings of 10kA to 100kA, depending upon the size of the device, when used in conjunction with RK1 current limiting fuses. This helps protect users should the device be operated during fault conditions.

Ease of Operation

Improved Reliability

Life Cycle Cost Reduction