Benefits of Multipin Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Multipin Plugs and Receptacles
dsn37c multipin plug and receptacle

Control Multiple Circuits and Signals

MELTRIC offers a wide range of Multipin plugs and receptacles that provide a convenient and reliable means of connecting multiple circuits and/or control and monitoring signals through a single device. 

Superior Electrical Performance

Connect Multiple Circuits with One Device

Minimize Drive-Away Damage

Ensure User Safety

Like all our devices, MELTRIC Multipin products are designed with safety features to ensure users are protected from electrical hazards.  

MELTRIC Multipin devices are not just for low power control signals; they may also connect power circuits or multiple motors, so safety is an important consideration.

MELTRIC Multipin devices keep users safe in numerous ways:

  • Most are rated for current interruption and can safely be connected and disconnected under full load.
  • Receptacle contacts are recessed and are finger safe to prevent unintended access to live parts.
  • Spring-loaded silver-nickel butt contacts ensure highly conductive and reliable electrical connections. This prevents failures due to contact degradation as is common with brass contacts.
  • All are available with optional lockout provisions that allow the receptacle lid to be locked in closed position to prevent unauthorized connection. All devices, except the PN models, can also be locked in the mated position to prevent unintended disconnection.
  • Rated watertightness is automatically achieved upon connection of the plug and receptacle. There are no additional steps required that may be forgotten. This helps prevent electrical failures due to water entry.
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