Benefits of Multipin Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Multipin Plugs and Receptacles
dsn37c multipin plug and receptacle

Control Multiple Circuits and Signals

MELTRIC offers a wide range of Multipin plugs and receptacles that provide a convenient and reliable means of connecting multiple circuits and/or control and monitoring signals through a single device. 

Superior Electrical Performance

Connect Multiple Circuits with One Device

Minimize Drive-Away Damage

Most MELTRIC Multipin devices are available with a self-ejection option that minimizes system damage if trailers drive away from docks without disconnecting.  

Damage to equipment can be substantial and can result in unsafe conditions if trailers are driven away from loading docks without removing the connectors used for power and control of on-board unloading systems. MELTRIC's optional self-ejection system helps to minimize this problem by automatically ejecting the connector when tension in the cable is sensed. This can save thousands of dollars of equipment and maintenance costs and hours of downtime.

The self-ejection is accomplished through the use of a tension cord which is attached at one end to the electrical supply cable and at the other to a special latching pawl used to secure the connector to the inlet on the trailer. The tension cord is shorter than the associated length of electrical cable between the attachment point and connector so the slack in it is removed before the slack in the electrical cable. Once the slack is eliminated, the tension cord will pull the latch open causing the connector to be automatically ejected away from the inlet and trailer.


The self-ejecting option is available for all Muiltipin devices except the PN and stainless steel models. It is also helpful in other applications where passing forklifts or other moving equipment could accidently snag and pull a power cable. For more information, see the self-ejecting product section.

Ensure User Safety

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