Benefits of Multipin Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Multipin Plugs and Receptacles
dsn37c multipin plug and receptacle

Control Multiple Circuits and Signals

MELTRIC offers a wide range of Multipin plugs and receptacles that provide a convenient and reliable means of connecting multiple circuits and/or control and monitoring signals through a single device. 

Superior Electrical Performance

Connect Multiple Circuits with One Device

MELTRIC Multipin devices allow users to safely and efficiently connect multiple loads as well as control and monitoring signals in a single space and cost efficient device.  

The ratings and capabilities of the contacts in MELTRIC Multipin devices provide great flexibility in what can be connected through a single device. The potential combinations of power and control are countless. Here are a few examples:

  • A single DN20c hp rated 20 pin device could be used to power an on-board trailer unloading system with three 3 hp conveyor motors, a 15A lighting circuit, a load monitoring system to indicate completion of unloading, and a pilot circuit to detect proper connection prior to energization. 
  • A DSN24 may be used for multiple 4-20mA current loops for process control along with powering numerous small process loads up to 7.5 A each for non-current interrupting applications, or 2A for current interrupting.


This capability helps reduce equipment cost by minimizing the number of connectors required and the panel space required to mount them. It also reduces complexity and time required when equipment needs to be connected or disconnected for maintenance or on-site commissioning.

Minimize Drive-Away Damage

Ensure User Safety

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