Benefits of High Ampacity Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC High Amp Plugs and Receptacles
pf high ampacity plug and receptacle

Maximize Safety, Convenience, and Performance

MELTRIC High Ampacity plugs and receptacles provide safe, reliable, easy-to-operate electrical connections for large heavy-duty equipment. Whether it's shore power, mining equipment, generators, pumps, power distribution, test stations, or other high amperage applications, we have the connections you need to keep your operations running.  

Superior Electrical Performance

Exceptional Safety

Ease of Operation

Ready Availability

Proven Weathertightness

Many high amperage applications are outdoors and in harsh usage conditions, so effective ingress protection to keep water and dust out plays an important role in maintaining reliable connections. Water ingress is a common cause of problems on competitive products due to failure to properly engage additional watertightness rings required to provide protection. 

MELTRIC eliminates those problems because our High Amperage products achieve their rated watertightness simply by completing the connection:

  • DR400s are rated IP54/55 (option for IP66/IP67)
  • PF/PFQs are rated IP66/IP67
  • SP Single Pole devices are rated IP66/IP67
  • CS1000 Single Pole devices are rated IP66/IP67

All MELTRIC High Amperage products are provided with lids or caps for the receptacles and inlet/plug caps are standard on the PF/PFQ and SP and are optional on the DR400 and CS1000.

Compact Size