Benefits of High Ampacity Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC High Amp Plugs and Receptacles
pf high ampacity plug and receptacle

Maximize Safety, Convenience, and Performance

MELTRIC High Ampacity plugs and receptacles provide safe, reliable, easy-to-operate electrical connections for large heavy-duty equipment. Whether it's shore power, mining equipment, generators, pumps, power distribution, test stations, or other high amperage applications, we have the connections you need to keep your operations running.  

Superior Electrical Performance

Exceptional Safety

Ease of Operation

MELTRIC High Amperage devices use a variety of different methods to reduce the effort required to connect and disconnect. 

DR400 and single pole SP devices are equipped with drawbar mechanisms that pull the plug into the receptacle and ensure it gets securely latched in place. Both have push button disconnection. The DR400 ejects automatically, while the SP releases and can be easily withdrawn by the user.

PF/PFQ devices connect with rotational motion rather than insertion force. The design of the handle provides significant leverage for rotating the plug and the shape of the contacts provides a ramp to facilitate their engagement. The handles also include handy grab bars to assist in handling and carrying the plug.

The single pole CS1000 has a guide system that allows users to make the connection with a simple rotational motion.

Ready Availability

Proven Weathertightness

Compact Size