Benefits of High Ampacity Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC High Amp Plugs and Receptacles
pf high ampacity plug and receptacle

Maximize Safety, Convenience, and Performance

MELTRIC High Ampacity plugs and receptacles provide safe, reliable, easy-to-operate electrical connections for large heavy-duty equipment. Whether it's shore power, mining equipment, generators, pumps, power distribution, test stations, or other high amperage applications, we have the connections you need to keep your operations running.  

Superior Electrical Performance

Exceptional Safety

High Amperage plugs and receptacles are not intended to be disconnected under load. MELTRIC devices all include features to ensure this is the case:

  • PF/PFQ and SP products include electro-mechanical interlocks to ensure the power is off during disconnection or connection.
  • CS1000 single pole devices have a locking pin which must be disengaged with a special tool, making unsafe disconnection unlikely.
  • DR400s are equipped with a screw-locking pawl to prevent unintended disconnection under load and with pilot contacts that ensure the circuit is deenergized before the plug can be removed from the receptacle.

User safety is also dependent upon the proper functioning of the device while connected and under load. MELTRIC's unique product designs also ensure this is the case:

  • Superior contact technology provides consistent high-quality connections and eliminates high resistance, over heated connections that lead to failure in other devices.
  • Automatic water-tightness prevents failures due to ingress common on competitive devices if their additionally required IP rings are not engaged.

MELTRIC devices also provide protection in abnormal circumstances should the power circuit be turned on after the devices are disconnected:

  • The PF/PFQ and DR400 devices have safety shutters that block potential exposure to live parts.
  • The SP and CS1000 devices are finger safe and thus also prevent unintended access to live parts.

Ease of Operation

Ready Availability

Proven Weathertightness

Compact Size