Benefits of Hazardous Location Multipin Plugs and Receptacles

Benefits of MELTRIC Hazardous Location Multipin Plugs and Receptacles

Protection for Most Gas and Dust Environments

MELTRIC hazardous location multipin devices are specially designed with industrial duty casings that withstand harsh environments and rough handling protecting your connections while providing a means of connecting multiple circuits and/or control monitoring signals through a single device.

Superior Electrical Performance


MELTRIC's unique contact design eliminates the limitations of brass pin and sleeve contacts and maintains the integrity of the connection over thousands of operations.  

  • Spring-loaded butt contacts ensure and maintain optimal contact pressure. The impacts of wear and manufacturing variations that affect pin and sleeve contact performance are eliminated.
  • Silver-nickel contact material provides excellent conductivity, even in harsh environments like wastewater or chemical plants, and its electrical properties do not degrade over time like brass.
  • Spring-assisted terminals automatically compensate for the effects of thermal cycling, vibration, and strand settlement that cause loosening of the connection to the conductor and subsequent problems due to over-heated terminals.

MELTRIC electrical contacts are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Installation Flexibility

Application Diversity

Connection Security

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