Benefits of Direct Current Plugs and Receptacles

Steady Unidirectional Power with Maximized Safety and Reliability

MELTRIC Direct Current devices enhance energy efficiency, reliability, and user safety. These plugs and receptacles are designed to keep users safe using safety shutters that safeguard against unintended access to live parts while providing impeccable power quality to your application.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Ease of Operation

Configuration Flexibility

MELTRIC offers a wide range of mounting angles, handles and wall boxes allowing its DC devices to be used in panel mounted, in-line, reverse service, cord drop, flexible conduit and other applications in addition to traditional wall mounted receptacle configurations.  This makes it easy to locate a plug and play connection anywhere it is convenient. 

We also offer standard and custom-made adapter plates to simplify retrofits by allowing Meltric receptacles to be mounted on existing wall boxes.