Benefits of Direct Current Plugs and Receptacles

Steady Unidirectional Power with Maximized Safety and Reliability

MELTRIC Direct Current devices enhance energy efficiency, reliability, and user safety. These plugs and receptacles are designed to keep users safe using safety shutters that safeguard against unintended access to live parts while providing impeccable power quality to your application.

Enhanced Safety and Security

  • All DSDC receptacles have safety shutters that automatically close before the plug can be removed and block unintended access to live contacts.
  • Superior contact technology provides consistent high-quality connections and eliminates high resistance and resulting over-heated connections that lead to failure in other devices.
  • While not rated or intended for current interruption, DSDC devices have a quick break mechanism and dead front construction that minimizes and isolates arcing safely away from the user if the plug is disconnected under load in an emergency or accidently.
  • Standard locking provisions simplify lockout-tagout and allow the plug and receptacle to be locked in the connected position to prevent nuisance or other unintended disconnection.
  • Rated watertightness is achieved automatically when the plug and receptacle are connected. This prevents failures and flashover due to ingress common on competitive devices when their additionally required watertightness rings are not engaged.

Ease of Operation

Configuration Flexibility