The DSN12c multipin plug and receptacle is designed for use in
current interrupting applications up to 2A, non-current interrupting
applications up to 7.5A, and is also suitable for use in 4-20mA low
current applications. It has 12 contacts allowing multiple control, signal
and power applications to be connected with a single, simple-to-use
device. As on the larger DSN24c and DSN37c devices, the contact
terminals allow conductors to be secured by crimping or soldering.

The DSN12c provides IP66/IP67/IP69 ingress protection and is
available with a full complement of accessories, including handles,
angles, and boxes for easy installation and retrofits. The DSN12c
features an impact- and UV-resistant durable poly casing and its
robust design has been performance tested to withstand thousands
of operations.

Catalog pages are available on the MELTRIC website at


What is the biggest difference between the DSN12c and the PN12c multipin?
The new DSN12c has ingress protection of IP66/IP67/IP69, while the PN12c is rated IP66/IP67. The DSN12c also connects like a traditional DSN device, utilizing clockwise rotation on connection and spring-loaded ejection upon depression of the pawl.

Also of note: The PN12c is available with metal casings and a flush mount option; those options are not available with the DSN12c.

Can I interchange the DSN12c with the PN12c?
A DSN12c will not mate or connect with a PN12c, however, the mounting footprint is the same.

How many and what type of contacts are available for this device?
You can add up to 12 crimped or soldered contacts to the DSN12c. Contacts are high-quality, silver-nickel butt contacts that provide superior conductivity over thousands of operations.

What type of casings are available for this device?
The DSN12c is available with an impact-resistant poly casing.

Is the DSN12c UL or CSA listed?
No, the DSN12c is not UL/CSA listed.

Is the DSN12c available now? How long will my order take to arrive?
Yes, the DSN12c is currently available to order. The device is manufactured at the MELTRIC factory in Franklin, WI. Most products are shipped within two days.

I have questions. Is there someone I can call for product information?
Yes, live-by-phone Customer Service and Engineering support are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time.
Call 414-433-2700 for assistance. The MELTRIC website is another great resource for product information, application solutions, brochures, and catalogs. It is available 24/7/365 at