The horsepower ratings have increased on 480V 3Ø and 120V 1Ø
configurations of MELTRIC DSN30 Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles:
• 480V 3Ø ratings have increased from 10 hp to 15 hp
• 120V 1Ø ratings have increased from 1 hp to 2 hp

The horsepower ratings of other DSN30 configurations remain

There is no price change associated with the new ratings; they simply
provide additional value to the customer and further improve the
competitiveness of our product offerings. For example, connecting a
15 hp 3 phase 480V motor previously required a DSN60, but can now
be done with a much more cost- and space-efficient DSN30.

The new ratings apply to product shipped on or after July 30, 2020.