What's New

2020 May
Product Change Announcement DSN20 Metal Handle w/Cord Grip Part Number
2020 May
MELTRIC Releases New DSN12c Multipin
2020 April
Case Study: Glasgow Water Treatment Plant
2020 February
MELTRIC Announces New GM - Press Release
2019 October
MELTRIC Full-line Catalog Now Available
2019 September
Update literature - Power Generation
2019 August
Update literature - Wastewater Solutions
2019 July
MELTRIC Introduces DSN20 Higher HP Ratings
2019 May
Press Release - MELTRIC Celebrates Electrical Safety Month
2019 April
MELTRIC Introduces CSA-Listed 100 HP Zone 2 Hazardous Location Device
2019 April
Article - SafeConnect Fills Market Void with Innovative, Eco-friendly, Electric-Standby Connection System
2019 April
Press Release - MELTRIC Celebrated National Welding Month
2019 March
Press Release - MELTRIC Introduces CSA listed 100 hp DS200
2019 March
Press Release - MELTRIC Introduces 100 hp DS200
2019 January
Case Study - Powerhouse OEM Trusts MELTRIC for Quality Electrical Connections
2018 December
Press Release - Santa Uses MELTRIC
2018 December
Updated literature - Safety Guide
2018 November
Press Release - MELTRIC Expands Hazardous Location Product Line
2018 October
New Product Announcement - Class 1 Zone 2 Division 2 Hazardous Location Plugs and Receptacles
2018 October
Press Release - MELTRIC Joins NFPA in Recognizing Fire Prevention Week
2018 September
White Paper - Promoting Electrical Safety through NFPA 70E Standards Adherence
2018 September
Press Release - Important Changes to 2018 NFPA 70E Standards
2018 August
Case study - MELTRIC Switch-Rated Plugs Quicken Traffic Light Repairs in Montreal
2018 August
Press Release - OSHA Safe and Sound Week
2018 August
New Product Announcement - DXA1 Hazardous Location Plugs & Receptacles
2018 July
Press Release - NASA chooses MELTRIC Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles
2017 October
New Product Announcement - Cable Reducing Adapters and Extended Metal Angle
2017 October
Updated Literature: Switch-Rated Brochure
2017 October
Product Change Announcement - New Part Number System for Accessories
2017 October
Product Improvement Announcement - DS100C now 50 hp (480V)
2017 September
Product Improvement Announcement - DS60 now 25 hp (480V)
2017 September
Product Improvement Announcement - DS60, DS100C, DR100 with 4 Auxiliary Contacts
2017 September
New Product Announcement - SB Enclosures
2017 September
New Literature - SB Enclosures
2017 August
Product Improvement Announcement - New IP69K rating for DSN Series
2017 August
Product Improvement Announcement - PNHT New Rating
2017 August
New Video: Mining & Aggregate Industry Solutions
2017 August
Updated Literature: Water/Wastewater Solutions
2017 June
Case Study: University of Virginia Power Plugs
2017 June
New Application Spotlight: Cranes & Overhead Magnets
2017 April
New Literature: Applications in the Aviation Industry
2017 April
New Video: DN Multipin Plugs & Receptacles
2017 March
Updated Literature: Applications in Power Plants
2017 March
Updated Literature: Applications in the Mining Industry
2017 March
Updated Literature: Safety Guide
2017 January
New Video: Food and Beverage Solutions
2016 December
New Video: Wastewater Solutions
2016 October
New Video: Handle Accessories
2016 September
New Video: Cord Drop Plugs & Receptacles
2016 August
Updated Literature: Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles
2016 July
New Video: DXN Hazardous Location Plugs & Receptacles
2016 June
New Video: CS1000 Single Pole Plugs & Receptacles
2016 May
New Video: Quick Motor Change-outs
2016 April
New Video: Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles
2016 April
Product Improvement Announcement - CS1000 Now UL Listed
2016 March
New Product Announcement - DS60 & DSN150 for Hazardous Environments
2015 November
New Video: Welding Receptacles
2015 October
Product Change Announcement - Hazardous Rated Product is Not Returnable
2015 September
Case Study - Napa Valley Winery Connects with Switch-Rated Quality, Consistency and Style
2015 September
New Video: Simplify NFPA 70E Compliance
2015 August
New Video: Self-Ejecting Plugs & Receptacles
2015 August
New Product Announcement - New Metal Handle for DR400 model
2015 June
New Video: DR Series: DR400
2015 May
New Product Announcement - New Oversized Metal Handle
2015 April
New Video: New DSN150 Model DECONTACTOR
2015 March
New Video: Easy Lockout-Tagout DSN/DS/DR
2015 February
New Product Announcement - New DR400 High Amperage
Plugs & Receptacles
2015 January
New Video: PF Feature Spotlight & Operation
2014 November
Case Study - A Lesson in Welding Safety at Odessa College
2014 June
New Product Announcement Aluminum Wall Box/70° Angle Combination DXN
2014 April
Case Study - Brewing Company Stout on Electrical Safety
2014 April
Washdown-Rated Plugs & Receptacles flyer
2014 March
New Product Announcement Aluminum Wall Box/70° Angle Combination
2014 March
Pump Connectors Flyer
2014 February
New Video: Wiring DSN Receptacle with NPT Handle & Cord Grip
2014 January
New Video: How to Connect & Disconnect - Decontactor Series
2013 June
Gas Turbine Flyer