MELTRIC Plugs & Receptacles Utilize

Exclusive Switch Rated Safety

Decontactor Safety

MELTRIC’s DECONTACTOR™ Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. Their exclusive design allows users to safely make and break connections under full load and provide significant protection in overload and short circuit conditions.

Their dead-front construction and enclosed arc chambers ensure that the load is safely disconnected, and that all live parts are isolated and inaccessible, before the plug can be removed. The Decontactor design guarantees that users are protected from exposure to live parts and potential arc flash at all times while making and breaking connections.

Motor & Branch Circuit Switching

motor mounted dsn

Decontactors are UL and CSA rated for “motor circuit” and “branch circuit” disconnect switching and are an approved NEC/CSA “line of sight” disconnect switch. Models are available with ratings up to:

  • 200A for Branch Circuit Disconnect Switching
  • 60 hp for Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching

Key Performance Tests

To attain their UL/CSA switch-ratings, Decontactor Series plugs and receptacles must pass electrical and mechanical endurance tests, horsepower/locked-rotor overload tests, and short-circuit make and withstand tests that far exceed the testing required of ordinary plugs and receptacles. In fact, the tests performed to achieve the Decontactor devices’ switch-ratings are the same electrical performance tests required of manual motor controllers and enclosed disconnect switches (UL 508 and UL 98 or CSA 22.2 No. 14 and 4 type devices).

The chart below compares the tests passed by Decontactor devices to achieve their “Switch-Rated Plug & Receptacle” listings with the tests required for a standard pin & sleeve plug and receptacle listing.

Decontactor Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles
UL Subject 2682 (used for both UL & CSA listings)
Motor Circuit/Branch Circuit Switching

Test UL Subject 2682 Motor Circuit/Branch
Circuit Switching
UL 1682 & CSA 22.2 No. 182.1 Current Interrupting
Temperature Rise <30°C <30°C
Overload General Use Devices 50 Operations @ 150% of Rated Current (p.f. = .75 - .80) 50 Operations @ 150% of Rated Current (p.f. = .75 - .80)
Electrical Endurance
(With Load)
6000 Operations @ Rated Current & Voltage (p.f. = .75 - .80) 15 - 20A = 5000 Opns
21 - 63A = 1000 Opns
64 - 250A = 250 Opns
@ Rated Current & Voltage
(p.f. = .75 - .80)
Overload - Locked Rotor (Horsepower Rated Devices) 50 Operations @ 600% of Full Load Motor Current (p.f. = .40 - .50)
Short Circuit Withstand ≥65 kA (600V and ≤.15 power factor)
Short Circuit Make ≥65 kA (600V and ≤.15 power factor)