Spring-Loaded Butt Contacts

for Thousands of Consistent Connections

Compressed Contacts

MELTRIC’s plugs and receptacles use spring-loaded, butt-style contacts similar to those used on contactors and switchgear. Their end-to-end mating provides a solid connection and the spring-loading delivers optimal contact pressure. Spring-loaded butt contacts ensure that the integrity of the electrical connection is consistently maintained over thousands of operations.

Butt-style contacts have a designated and controlled contact area, permitting the use of higher quality materials; we use 85% silver and 15% nickel. End-to-end mating allows for quick-break (15-millisecond) technology. And you avoid the problems common with other types of contacts:

  • The spring-loaded butt contacts automatically compensate for manufacturing variations, eliminating contact mating and connection quality problems caused by the dimensional variations of other contact designs.

  • End-to-end mating eliminates the affects of wear inherent with sliding contacts.

  • Consistent spring pressure eliminates overheating caused by poor contact force.

Their numerous design advantages make spring-loaded butt contacts a superior choice for providing consistently safe and reliable connections.

Limitations of Pin & Sleeve Style Contacts (used by competitors)

Pin and Sleeve Contacts

resistance chart

  • Manufacturing variations can cause too tight or too loose of a fit between the pin and the sleeve.

  • Wear from normal use reduces contact force, increasing resistance and heat build-up, possibly leading to overheating and catastrophic equipment failure.

  • The design requires the use of cheap and easy to machine materials such as brass, which has inferior electrical properties.