SPeX Hazardous Location Multipin Plugs & Receptacles


Choose SPeX for its...

  • Safety feature prevents disconnection under load
  • Contact technology maximizes durability
  • Common Applications

  • Power distribution in hazardous areas
1000 VAC
Environmental Ratings

Amperage Ratings by Cable Size and ATEX Rating

Cable Size -20°C≤Ta≤40°C G/D T5/T56°C -20°C≤Ta≤60°C G/D T6/T56°C -20°C≤Ta≤60°C G/D T5/T76°C
70mm² 290A 235A 235A
95mm² 415A 335A 335A
120mm² 456A 376A 376A
150mm² 493A 415A 415A
185mm² 530A 450A 450A
240mm² 570A 497A 497A
300mm² 620A 540A 540A
400mm² 680A 600A 600A

SPeX models are listed as follows.

Class I, Division 2, Group ABCD II2 G D Ex e IIC T* Gb Ex tIIIC T* Db IP65/IP66
Suitable for Zone 1 & 2 (gas) 21 & 22 (dust)
(Dust certification is limited to particles >75 µm)
Class II, Division 1 Groups EFG; Class III, Division 1 -20°C ≤Ta≤40°C T5 T56°C
Ex e IIC; Ex tb IIIC T56°C or T76°C: IP66 (For Canada) -20°C ≤Ta≤60°C T5 T76°C
Class I, Zone 1, AEx e IIC T5 or T6
AEx tb IIIC T56°C or T76°C
IP65/IP66 (For US)
-20°C ≤Ta≤40°C T6 T56°C
-20°C ≤Ta≤+60°C T4 T79°C

SPeX features