Reliability & Durability

Even in the Harshest Environment

MELTRIC devices’ feature silver-nickel, butt-style contacts and patented, spring-assisted terminals which have been performance tested for over 6000 trouble-free operations – with highly consistent electrical connections. Our contacts are backed by a best-in-industry, 5-year warranty.

Reinforced polyester and zinc-aluminum alloy casings are used to provide excellent impact resistance as well as protection against UV radiation and most harsh chemicals found in typical industrial applications.

contact resistance chart

Reliability & Durability Features

  • Solid silver-nickel contact tips which offer low contact resistance and high wear resistance.
Contact pressure vs Contact resistance

The conductivity of silver-nickel is 20 times higher than the brass material used in competitive products.

  • Spring-loaded butt-style contact design consistently performs after thousands of operations.
automatic watertightness

Competitive pin and sleeve contacts wear easily, reducing beneficial contact pressure.

  • Most MELTRIC devices offer automatic watertightness upon insertion of
    the plug into receptacle.
corrosive environment

Competitive devices require careful tightening of an additional ring.

  • Impact resistant materials are not susceptible to rust. All products resist UV exposure, saline environments and offer exceptional resistance to many common chemical agents.
Terminal Screw

Competitor's contacts are made of brass which is susceptible to corrosive environments.

  • "Tighten and forget" screw terminals provide resistance to vibrations, shock, and thermal cycling.

Competitor's products often fail due to the loosening of the screw terminals.