i Plug & Receptacle Lockout Tagout Capability

Lockout Tagout Capability

Most MELTRIC plugs and receptacles facilitate compliance with OSHA lockout-tagout requirements. Users can perform lock-out by simply inserting a lock through an existing hole in the device. The user only needs to provide the lock – no additional mechanisms are required.

lockout tagout plug

On most models the lockout provision is a simple 5/16" hole in the plug shroud that facilitates the insertion of a typical padlock which prevents the plug from being inserted into a receptacle.

Optional Receptacle Lockout Provisions

lockout tagout receptacle

An optional provision for locking out MELTRIC receptacles is also available. In most cases this is accomplished via a specially machined hole at the receptacle pawl which allows insertion of a padlock to secure the receptacle lid in a closed position. This same optional provision can be used to prevent removal of the plug if desired.

The combination of the silver-nickel material with spring-loaded butt-style design makes the contacts ideal for repetitive making and breaking of connections under load.

Competitive Devices are Difficult to Lockout

By comparison, in order to lockout most competitive pin and sleeve type plugs, an additional third-party 'lockout shield' or 'plug cap' is required. These devices can be expensive and are often times lost, broken, or not available when you need them.